Covid Information for Clients

Hello again! St Judes is open with protocols in place.

Our Podiatry service is fully operational.  We are following strict health profession and government guidelines and all clients need to complete a medical and Covid-19 screening questionnaire before they can attend.

Physiotherapy - We offer both face to face and virtual appointments but again you will need to complete a medical questionnaire and a physio may need to speak to you first before any booking can be confirmed. 

Pilates - our Pilates classes are now being taught both virtually by Moira via Zoom and in person with strict guidelines adhered to - see our Pilates page for details.

Here is some information on how St Judes is helping to safeguard both our clients and our staff’s health during this pandemic:

Staff Health – our staff are subject to screening protocols for signs and symptoms of COVID 19. Should staff be suspected of having COVID 19, they will be asked to self-isolate and to take a COVID test to determine the correct procedure for managing their health and whether they can return to the clinic or need to continue to self-isolate.  All staff are following our Infection Control Policy (ICP) and you will see this evidenced in the sanitisation procedures implemented and their use of PPE.  If you would like to see a copy of our ICP, please ask.

Patient Procedures – all patients will undergo remote health screening and risk assessment prior to attending the clinic. Following this, it may be felt necessary to have a further discussion with one of our clinicians before a decision on attendance or not can be reached. Physiotherapy patients also have the option of virtual assessment and treatment.

On arrival, you will be asked the Covid screening questions to confirm that you are in suitable health to proceed with your treatment. You will be asked to provide your own mask or face covering and use the hand sanitiser provided at the entrance. Hand sanitisers are available for your use throughout the clinic.

Our downstairs bathroom is available for patient use only but please ask a member of staff prior to use.

We also ask that only the patient attends the clinic. Individuals requiring care support are requested to let us know prior to attending, so that we can facilitate this. Also, an attendee carer will be required to be screened for COVID and follow the same screening as the patient once in the clinic. We will also require their contact details in the event of contact tracing being necessary.

Appointments are interspaced with a gap in order to minimise cross contamination and allow time for disinfection of the clinic room before/after each patient. We ask that following your appointment, you leave the treatment room promptly to facilitate this, wipe your hands on the gel next to the exit and leave the clinic via the rear door. To minimise contact within the clinic, there is an entry and exit system in place. You will also be asked for full payment prior to your appointment over the phone.  Physiotherapy follow-up appointments should be booked with your physio at the end of your appointment.  If this is not possible, and there is nobody at the desk or waiting to come in, you may go back to the reception desk for the admin staff to arrange this for you if needed or, of course, you may phone the clinic to book in.  For Podiatry patients we ask that you make your follow-up appointment at the desk where possible or telephone in later.

NB. You must keep us updated as necessary as to the state of your health and cancel your appointment should you develop any potential COVID symptoms before your appointment (see symptom checker).

Coronavirus is most easily spread through close contact with a contaminated person. The most likely mechanism is through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes. However, the virus is known to survive on various surfaces for up to 72 hours. It is likely that a person may be contagious even when they display no symptoms of COVID 19.

It is impossible for us to guarantee that St Judes Clinic is entirely free of coronavirus, but as you can see, we are doing everything possible to minimise the risk to you. We cannot eliminate risk, as COVID 19 can be spread by those showing no symptoms.

Finally, we may need to share your contact information for the Government track and trace system should a reason arise due to a request from Public Health England. There is a civic bound duty we must follow to protect our patients, staff and the public from COVID 19 to help save lives.

You will be asked to agree to this on your consent form.

Thank you for your help in ensuring that our new rules are adhered to for the sake of your safety and safety of our staff. We look forward to being able to help you get back on track again.


Moira D’Arcy Grad Dip Phys MCSP
Practice Principal & Physiotherapist