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Oct 13, 2020

Is working from home a pain in the neck?

A recent article by Ashleigh Webber (17/09/20) in Working from Home reports that 4 in 5 workers have developed musculoskeletal pain.  Read more about this below:

neck pain home office advice from St Judes

In the workplace, checks are put in place to make sure that computers, desks and chairs are all set up for the user, but the charity Versus Arthritis said that it had found that 89% of those suffering with back, shoulder or neck pain in their new workspace, had not told their employer about it.  Alarmingly, 23% said that they were getting musculoskeletal pain most of the time and 46% said that they had been taking painkillers more often that they would like.  Back pain was the most common complaint at 50%, followed by neck pain at 36% and shoulder pain at 28%.

Versus Arthritis said that people were reluctant to mention their health needs because they didn’t know their rights or were worried about job security.

Karen Middleton, Chief Executive of The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy commented “This research isn’t surprising as Covid-19, months of working from home and reduced activity levels, will have had a serious deconditioning effect on millions of people”.

The Charity urged employers to help their employees by aiding communication with them and addressing any ergonomic concerns.

At St Judes we are noticing these kinds of problems more frequently. Ensuring that chair, desk and computer laptop setups are correct, will lessen daily repetitive strain. Taking regular breaks to get up and move around to do other tasks are also crucial.

Good posture helps keep your joints healthy and strong. You’ll also breathe more freely which will keep you feeling calm and relaxed. So, sit or stand ‘tall’ with your shoulders back and your core (tummy) muscles slightly pulled in. In good posture, your spine, shoulder and hip joints will all be well aligned.

We can help you with ergonomic advice, give exercises to alleviate your problem and hands-on treatment where necessary.  If you think you need help, give St Judes a call - one of our friendly physio team will be pleased to help.

Article by Moira D’Arcy Grad Dip Phys MCSP MAACP POGP

Chartered Physiotherapist & Practice Principal