Oct 29, 2020

Easy exercise - make it easy on yourself

We all know that being fit and having a healthy diet can help prevent or manage a variety of medical conditions, such as: heart disease, type II diabetes, back pain, osteoarthritis and depression, but when do we find the time? How do you fit 30 minutes of exercise into each day to help your health and wellbeing? Follow our handy tips below.

·         Break up the 30 minutes into smaller chunks – aim to be active in 3 or 4 smaller time slots per day.

·         Turn situations into exercise opportunities.

·         Take the stairs rather than the lift at work and use the stairs rather than escalators when out in shopping centres.

·         Walk, rather than jump in the car for short journeys to the local shop/post office.

·         At work, get up to go see a colleague rather than send an email.

·         Don’t sit for too long at your desk (not good for your spine) but once you are up, combine that with another task, such as going to the kitchen to put the kettle on or walking to another room to do the filing.

·         Try garden tasks at different heights so that rather than having to stop because you feel exhausted, and your body is beginning to ache with a repetitive task at one height, move to another task at a different height, so that you can keep going for longer, but still safely, before you need to take a break.

·         Wash your own car rather than put in through the car wash. The added benefit is the money that you will save too!

·         Put a bit more va-va-voom into the housework – turn on some music and let the beat help you move more quickly.

·         Get out for a walk in your lunch hour, even if it is cold and wet, you will feel better for the fresh air and fitter in the long run.

·         Dog owners will know that when those doggy eyes tell you it’s time for walkies that canine nagging is a helpful aid to achieving that walk whatever the weather.

In fact, a recent study did conclude that dog owners were a fitter segment of the population - is that cause or effect?  It’s difficult to say but, nevertheless, as it’s true does it matter?

So, getting fitter doesn’t mean that you have to become a gym bunny but getting more active does make you fitter.  Start today for a fitter healthier you and remember, if you need help with any nagging aches or pains that are stopping you from getting more active, then St Judes Clinic is happy to help.  Call us on 01525 377751 or email to book an appointment.

Moira D’Arcy BSc Hons (MCSP) Practice Principal & Physiotherapist  October 2020