Nov 18, 2020

Lost your core due to COVID-19?

 road to recovery with St Judes

During the first lockdown the good weather was on our side and exercise was one of the things most of us did to help us through, whether that was exercising online, or getting out in the fresh air for a walk or a run.  But, as time has passed, maybe the novelty and motivation for online exercising has worn off or you have picked up a niggling injury, or found yourself stuck at your home desk for too many hours, working in less than perfect postures.  You are not alone - recent statistics from the charity Versus Arthritis are alarming - 23% of home workers were said to be getting musculoskeletal pain most of the time and 40% were taking painkillers, with back pain being the most common complaint at 50% followed by neck 36% and shoulder pain 28%.

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Prolonged sitting puts extra load on the spine and the discs in the spine.  Continued or repetitive sitting, often puts the low and mid spine in a forward curve position, which is not good.  Feedback from the body to the brain usually keeps our muscles protecting the spine, allowing the right amount of movement but this response can become ineffective, potentially harming your back.

With prolonged sitting, weak core muscles and a general decreased level of activity, it is easy to see why we are developing problems and this is reflected in the statistics above.

If you are in the unfortunate position of recovering from COVID-19, this can also lead to a poor core and conditioning generally.  Everyone’s experience is different, from the person who has found that just getting out and walking short distances are a problem, to someone who has managed to bounce back to near pre-infection fitness levels, but is still struggling to regain full fitness.

Since we reopened at the end of June, we have treated home workers’ backs and helped clients back on the road to fitness for a variety of reasons including rehabilitation following coronavirus.

If you have an injury but are trying to improve your fitness, or are worried about starting to exercise for fear of injury, why not come to see our experienced Chartered Physiotherapists.  We can help you get back on track and back to what you enjoy doing - our friendly team at St Judes will be happy to help you.

Item by Moira D’Arcy Grad Dip Phys MCSP MAACP POGP, Chartered Physiotherapist & Practice Principal at St Judes Clinic, 26 Lake Street, Leighton Buzzard LU7 1RX. 

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