Jul 16, 2013

My Feet Hurt!

Sore painful feet are an absolute curse. It is not an easy part to rest unless of course you can walk around on your hands! It's only when our feet hurt that we realise how much we are upon them in a day.

Metatarsalgia - Literally means pain in the metatarsals - these are the toes and long bones of your forefoot. The pain can often develop for no obvious reason or incident. The pain usually occurs after long periods of weight bearing, running, walking or standing and is often very intense and burning. It will then often ease when you sit down and take the weight off your feet.

If you are suffering from painful feet here are some tips you may find useful:
  • Look at your footwear - have your shoes collapsed at the sides, therefore reducing the support to your arches?
  • Do you wear heels most of the day? If so, why not try wearing lower heels and even go barefoot in the evenings.
  • Exercise your feet by doing both stretching and strengthening exercises. Make sure you stretch your calf muscles too as a tight calf muscle can influence the performance of your feet and lower leg. If you are unaware of how to do this we will be pleased to advise you.
  • Try gently massaging the tender tissues.
  • Apply ice to the area if hot and swollen. (Ensure the ice is wrapped in a damp tea towel and don't leave on for longer than 10 minutes. Do not use if your sensation is altered and keep checking the skin regularly).
If the pain does not settle using these tips then seek the advice of your local physiotherapist. Treatment can be done to ease the pain and swelling and teach exercises to off-load painful structures. The physiotherapist may also conclude that it is also necessary for you to see a podiatrist for assessment of how to further correct the mechanics of your foot. This is done by way of prescribing an orthotic, a device that can go into your shoe to help your foot and lower leg alignment. Both our physiotherapy and podiatry service have been extended to include Saturdays for added convenience now.

If you feel you would like further details on this or any other foot problems please call us on: 01525 377751 or contact us.