Feb 18, 2021

It may be cold outside but don't stop the warm down!

It’s debateable whether stretching after a workout will stop you getting muscular soreness or help prevent injuries, but it’s undeniable that muscles are warmer and more pliable therefore after a workout.

Keeping one’s flexibility is important at any age but becomes more so as we get older and potentially stiffer.  Therefore, after a workout/walk “make hay while the sun shines” and make sure you get those stretches in.  Read more below.

Stretches should relate to the muscles you’ve just used in a workout/walk but these are useful for the lower limbs:


Don’t forget to also stretch your upper body; arms, upper back, neck and shoulders as well as your chest all need a good stretching too.  How long and how many?  Again, there is some variability in opinion but relaxing and breathing into a stretch to make it effective is going to take about 30 seconds, give or take.  You need to spend about 60 seconds per stretch for optimal results so depending on how long you hold the stretch, you should be doing 2 – 3 repetition.

The added benefit of doing all this after a workout is that you can feel particularly virtuous, you’ve ticked all the boxes and you are going to feel good.  So, it’s a win, win!

Happy stretching – if you need further advice or have niggling aches or pains, contact your local physiotherapists at:

St Judes Clinic,  26 Lake Street, Leighton Buzzard  LU7 1RX

( 01525 377751