Apr 7, 2022

The balancing act and Pilates

Balance improvement with Pilates at St Judes

Use it or lose it, they say, and as we get older, it certainly becomes something worth considering.

Sad facts:

-      We start having slower reactions from the age of 25.

-      Muscle mass loss starts in our 40’s and 50’s.

-      Hospital admissions through falls are higher as we get older.

Balance your way to better health – if we incorporate exercises to support or recover our balance, we can help our balance but also our posture and confidence to walk longer and help reduce the risk of falls. Read more below:

To do this, we need exercises that challenge our stability and make use of the information coming in to our brains from our joint position sense receptors in our bodies.  To this end, I have, for many years, always included some balance work in every Rehab Pilates session I take.

We do this at the beginning in our warm up and start waking up and challenging our stability and balance receptors with work on balance pads and eyes open and shut work, challenging our brain-to-muscle connections. Our small groups then participate in their rehab-focused Pilates exercises to help their core stability and strength improve to either recover from injury or help keep them injury-free.

If you think that improving our core, helping yourself to a better back, neck, shoulders, hips, knees etc. and better balance have got to be a good investment for our health, then check out our Pilates page: or look at our Instagram page.