Nov 19, 2013

Are your feet at risk?

Those of you with arthritis, neurological or vascular conditions tend to have 'high risk' feet and should see a Podiatrist regularly. Poor feet can be helped using a range of treatments together with professional footwear advice and possibly the use of orthoses (specialist devices placed in your shoes to change your foot position and the way you walk.)

The elderly - are often affected by nail problems, corns, calluses and toe deformities and bunions or poor footwear are significant risk factors for falls in the elderly which can all be helped with correct podiatry.

Diabetics greatly benefit from regular foot care and advice. Shockingly around 100 people a week lose a limb in the UK through diabetes and 15% -20% of diabetics develop a foot ulcer in their lifetime. Foot complications account for more hospital admissions than any other diabetic complication.

Why see a Podiatrist at St Judes? Unlike some other foot health therapists, our experienced HCPC registered Podiatrists have extensive postgraduate training and experience to enable them to treat a vast range of foot and lower leg problems.

As well as treating all the usual foot health problems such as fungal infections, hard skin and corn removal, our podiatrists also carry out nail surgery here in Leighton Buzzard - far easier than travelling to hospital!

For more information on our Podiatrists; Paul, Jack & Ganesh, click on their names.  Further information on our podiatry service can be found here.