Sep 29, 2014

Older People's Day - 1st October

1st October is UK Older People’s Day – a day to celebrate the positive contribution older adults make to our society.  St Judes are working with The Chartered Society of Physiotherapists, offering FREE expert advice and support from our physiotherapy and podiatry staff to help you live a healthy and active life.

Free advice for older people from St Judes Clinic

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The great news is that most of us are living longer so we are working longer and then, when we do retire, we can expect to live for at least 20 years.  Whatever our age, keeping our body and mind as fit and healthy as we can is good for our balance, movement and for preventing injury.

As we get older, our bones tend to become thinner and weaker and we are at risk of developing osteoporosis, a condition that causes the bones to break more easily. So it is important to keep our body strong to try and reduce the risk of falling.


Our top tips to help prevent falls:

  • Take regular exercise, especially weight bearing.
  • Remove trip hazards like clutter, trailing wires and frayed carpet.  Make sure you put carpet grip underneath any rugs.
  • Use a grip mat in the bath and shower and have grab rails fitted for getting in and out.
  • Make sure you mop up spillages straight away so there is no risk of slipping.
  • Wear well fitting slippers and shoes that support the ankle and have a good grip on the sole.
  • Avoid long trailing clothes that might trip you up.
  • Take particular care when getting up in the night to go to the bathroom – make sure you have a night light or lamp with a switch nearby.

How can physiotherapy help?

If you feel you are becoming more unsteady on your feet or more prone to falling, a physiotherapist can help by developing suitable exercise to improve your balance and strength and provide advice on any areas of the home that can be adapted to be safer.  They can also advise you on what activity is safe and most suitable for you to help you live a happy and healthy older life.

Services for older people at St Judes include:

  • Physiotherapy and chiropody.
  • Gait analysis (examining the way you walk) and orthotic (in-shoe device) provision.
  • Stick measuring service and supply of a wide range of walking sticks and canes.
  • 10 minute free advice chats with our specialists if you are unsure of who to see.
  • Home visits by our therapists.

Give us a call now!: 01525 377751 or pick up your free Chartered Society of Physiotherapy information leaflet from St Judes Clinic or download it for free: