Feb 7, 2017

Keep your tendons healthy at any age

As we age it gets harder for our muscles and tendons to work efficiently and to absorb shock and load.  

St Judes keeping you healthy

Here are some really simple ways below we can help our tendons stay healthy at any age:

·           If it hurts, stop, modify or reduce the exercise or sport you’re performing. The old adage of ‘no pain, no gain’ does not apply to tendon injuries and the old fashioned approach of working into/through the pain has been found to increase pain and lengthen the duration of recovery.  Exercise must be low impact and strengthening work should produce only the mildest level of pain.


·           Work on the flexibility of your muscles without overstretching them.  Self-release with a foam roller will relax and release muscle groups without applying any force or tension to the affected tendons.  A long hold of a normal stretch may not actually reduce your pain, but increase it.


·           Isometric exercises are often given to people after surgery as they place little strain on the joint, or in this case, tendons involved.  Tense the muscle for 10 seconds, (whilst continuing to breathe,) and then relax for 10 seconds, usually this process is repeated up to 10 times.  It’s vital that these exercises aren’t progressed to shortening and lengthening contractions (such as squats or calf raises) until they can be performed pain free.

If you are struggling with muscle or tendon injuries, St Judes Clinic has a friendly team of experienced Chartered Physiotherapists who can help.  Give them a call on: 01525 377751.