Our friendly team of qualified Podiatrists (the new name for chiropodists) can help with all your foot related problems. Common areas treated include:

- corns
- calluses
- hard skin
- fungal conditions
- verrucae
- nail surgery under local anaesthetic


Are your feet at high risk?

Diabetic patients greatly benefit from regular foot care and advice, also those with arthritis, neurological or vascular conditions tend to have 'high risk' feet and should see a Podiatrist regularly.

What else do you do?

Our podiatrists also carry out biomechanical assessments to look at how your walking pattern may be affecting your feet and other joints. They also specialise in areas such as children’s feet and sports injuries – please see our Podiatry page for further details.


How about a medi-pedi?

A 45-minute medical pedicure by our podiatrist, Jack, will leave you with healthier, great-looking feet. Take the strain out of your feet and let our fully qualified podiatrists pamper your feet and put the spring back in your step. Further details can be seen on our Medi-Pedi page. 

Can I just ask for some advice?

If you are unsure about a foot problem you could give us a quick call or a brief email with your query.

Jack Lidyard Chiropody in Leighton BuzzardGanesh Baliah Chiropody in Leighton Buzzard steve richards Podiatrist at St Judes

      Jack         Ganesh       Steve

Some of our patient reviews: 

“I have no hesitation in recommending St Judes. Ganesh trimmed the nail and advised me to use moisturiser to keep the skin around the nail soft. The effect was immediate; no more pain when I put shoes and socks on. In the grand scheme of things, a sore toenail sounds pretty trivial, but getting it sorted out has made a huge difference. The service at St Jude’s is very friendly, efficient and effective. A big thank-you to all the team.” (Ganesh, Podiatrist.)

"One session with Jack sorted my feet out and any pain running, gone!  Also recommended some vitamins to take and my toe nail problem gone in a month!   Staff on reception very warm and helpful in bringing my pushchair in - a fantastic clinic with great staff" (Jack, Podiatrist.)

"Steve was very professional in manner as well as when he was carrying out my treatment on my feet. I would truly recommend St Judes and Mr Steve Richards. I found the whole booking process effortless, a warm welcome from the receptionist who also offered me a tea or coffee whilst I was waiting for my appointment. Keep it up guys!" (Steve, Podiatrist.)

St Judes top tips for healthy feet:

  •  Wash your feet daily in warm water using a mild soap
  •  Make sure that your feet are thoroughly dry, especially in between your toes
  •  If the skin between your toes appears white and moist, use surgical spirit or witchhazel daily
  •  Remove hard skin by gently rubbing with a pumice stone or foot file before bathing
  •  If your skin is dry, use a moisturising foot cream twice daily (but never between the toes.)
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