Whether you have recently had a baby or your children are older, start your recovery from pregnancy with the help of our One Stop Mum Check - a specialist Women's Health Physiotherapist assessment.

One Stop Mum Check

St Judes Clinic offer a 'One Stop Mum Check' with our Women's Health Physiotherapist and Certified Pilates Instructor, Moira. This specialist assessment will check your pelvic floor, posture, back and abdominal muscles, identifying any problems and leaving you with a clear treatment plan. This is a fantastic way to start your recovery from pregnancy, enabling you to reconnect with your pelvic floor muscles, tone your deep abdominal muscles and improve your bladder function following childbirth. 

Your assessment will involve a back and pelvis assessment, internal pelvic floor muscle examination (if indicated, and only with your consent), examination for abdominal separation and a postural evaluation. Prior to your visit we advise completion of a fluid balance chart and a screening questionnaire, which will help to highlight any problem areas. 

Leaking urine following childbirth, ongoing back/pelvic pain and weakness of the pelvic floor are all really common but should not be accepted as part of motherhood. Too often we make light of these things or just put up with the embarrassment but these problems are real and treatable by a specialist Women's Health Physiotherapist.

An internal examination will help your Physiotherapist to assess your pelvic floor muscle strength and advise on correct exercise technique. Research suggests that 50% of ladies exercising their pelvic floor following written instruction do not perform the exercises correctly, so an examination can ensure you are getting the most out of your pelvic floor exercise.

If you've had trauma to your pelvic floor muscles during childbirth (a tear or an episiotomy) then the area maybe weak, scarred or there maybe tightness in the muscles. This can cause pain around the abdomen, pelvis and tailbone (coccyx) and difficulty with intercourse. Our Women's Health Physiotherapist can treat over-activity in the pelvic floor and teach you self-treatment strategies.

Postural changes which occur in pregnancy can be significant and often remain well after the delivery of your baby.  By looking at your posture, we can help you to get back your pre-pregnancy body.  This also helps your pelvic floor muscles to work better.

Having identified the nature of your problems, we can use our extensive Pilates experience and pelvic floor rehabilitation to help close any abdominal separation (diastasis recti), strengthen a weak or release a tight pelvic floor and therefore get you back doing your usual activities or sport that you used to do before the birth of your baby.

If you would like more information about our One Stop Mum Check you can email in your query to discuss your individual circumstances.

Get yourself back on track and call our Women's Health Physiotherapist now: 01525 377751.

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