As many as 200 million of us go skiing worldwide every year and it's a fantastic sport, but it places huge demands on the body and how many of us do any preparation before our annual trip?  


At St Judes we have designed a special Physiotherapist-led programme of Ski Fit Pilates exercises targeting postural and movement imbalances to help you improve your fitness and reduce the chance of injury.

Ski Fit Pilates

Skiing places demands on the body that we do not usually encounter in our normal routines so it's wise to do some preparation before we hit the slopes. Aches, pains and fatigue can often cause injury and ruin your long-awaited holiday.  So a little work before you go is highly recommended.  Ideally you should prepare your body for skiing at least 6 weeks before you go with a ski specific assessment and exercise plan.

Why Pilates?

You might have considered going to a gym ski class - these are good but usually target the larger muscles groups, concentrating on the legs.  However, a strong core (the deep tummy muscles that wrap around the spine and pelvis) is essential when skiing as this will help you to twist and rotate and keep control and balance on the slopes.  Pilates improves alignment and this then reduces the impact on your knees, hips and back.

Why come to St Judes?

At St Judes we have designed a special programme of Ski Fit Pilates exercises targeting postural and movement imbalances, which will help to:  

  • Improve your technique
  • Increase your endurance
  • Minimise your risk of injury

Our programme is suitable for all levels of skiing:

Beginner Skiers - we will give you an introduction to the muscle groups involved in skiing, how the movements affect the body and explain the importance of a good "core".

Intermediate/Advanced Skiers - as you are likely to be doing more technically demanding skiing, you will need a higher general fitness level and a greater core control and our exercises will address these issues.  Good stability is also important for the advanced skier as it will help you stay in control at higher speeds.

Pilates is not designed to address the cardiovascular demands of skiing - you will need to incorporate some aerobic training into your plan.  However, Ski Fit Pilates will help to maintain the dynamic, balanced posture needed for safe, efficient skiing.  The exercises are ideal for this exhilarating sport and can improve your core stability, flexibility, balance and control.  

Tell me more about Pilates at St Judes

In addition to Ski Fit Pilates, we offer mixed ability Pilates and also pre and post natal Pilates and this is taught by Moira D’Arcy, Chartered Physiotherapist (see her profile page).  Moira is a fully trained and registered Pilates’ instructor and is the only certified Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI) instructor in Bedfordshire.  The APPI is firmly established as the leading force in the delivery of safe and effective Pilates’ teacher training for physiotherapists, and is now widely recognised as a quality standard for Pilates in physiotherapy. Because of this, clients are provided with the highest standard of care, receive individual programmes to take into account medical and physical conditions, continual reassessments and modifications to programmes and have access to the most recent research knowledge.

How do I join?

You will need a 45 minute Pilates’ assessment with our Pilates Instructor and Chartered Physiotherapist, Moira D’Arcy. She will assess your suitability for Ski Fit Pilates and modify your exercises according to your needs.  During this assessment, we will take a thorough medical history so we can be made aware of any past or current injuries. You will also be taught the principles of Pilates, including how to achieve neutral body alignment and how to correctly activate your deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, along with several other fundamental Pilates’ concepts.  

What do you charge?

Initial 45 minute assessment (mandatory one-off fee) - £50
1:1 1 hour session – £80, 1:1 30 minute session – £40, 2:1 1 hour – £55 (each), 2:1 30 minute session - £27.50 (each)

Don't risk ruining your holiday this year - be ski-wise and ski-fit and sign up for Ski Fit Pilates today!  Call us now: 01525 377751.

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